October 25 through 29 and November 1 through 5

Second Nine-Weeks Begins

WEEK TEN: Days Three and Four

WEEK ELEVEN: Days One, Two, Three, Four, Five

WEEK TWELVE: Days One, Two, Three

Unit Theme:

Grammar and syntax comprehension enhances one's reading and writing ability.

Unit Essential Questions:

How can knowledge of the different parts of a sentence and different parts of speech improve our writing and speaking?

How can phrases give variety to sentence?

Essential Skills or Concepts:

Use various parts of the sentence - including phrases - and various parts of speech correctly in written and spoken language

Mini-Lesson Outline:

A. The teacher will review with students and have them demonstrate individual understanding through discussion/quiz:





direct object

object complement

indirect object

sentence patterns: S - V; S - V - DO; S - V - DO - OC; S - V - IO - DO



adverbs modifying verbs

adverbs modifying adjectives

adverbs modifying adverbs

comparative forms of adverbs

superlative forms of adverbs

diagramming as a tool to understanding function and relationship

parts of a sentence: subject and verb

complete subject and simple subject

complete predicate and simple predicate

compound subject and compound verb

simple sentence (classification)

declarative sentence, interrogative sentence, imperative sentence, exclamatory sentence (sentence type according to purpose of the writer)

coordinating conjunction


prepositional phrase


appositive phrase

B. The teacher will have students practice exercises in their "Grammar Training Camp" handouts, "Phrases": prepositional phrases, appositive phrases, verbal phrases - infinitive, gerund, participial.

The teacher will work with students individually according to skill levels.

E. Students will analyze given sentences from The Great Gatsby for use of diction and syntax to create a lyrical style.

F. Students will practive combining sentences by using adjectives, prepositional phrases, and verbal phrases.

G. For homework each day, students will study the corrected forms in the day's class presentation and know terms discussed in the class reviews.