November 8 through 23

WEEK TWELVE: Days Four and Five


Assignment: Ten-to-Twelve Paragraph Expository Essay with Documentation

Title: The Not-so-Simple Simple Sentence

Audience: High school age and older

Point of View: First and/or third, but not second (except when discussing the imperative sentence)

Diction (Word Choice): Use only terms within academics that include conventions, structure, mechanics, and usage. Use grammar and syntactical terms correctly and skillfully. Word choice is to be correct in every way…no slang, idioms, clich├ęs, dead words, empty words, etc. The teacher will give students a list of punctuation and words in certain context to avoid. This procedure will prevent students from being dependent upon compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences.

Tone: Serious or light-touch (however no satire/lampoon, nor tragedy)

Prompt: Using knowledge learned concerning the simple sentence since the beginning of this school year in English II, students will write a six-to-twelve paragraph expository essay with documentation (1) containing only simple sentences and (2) revealing how one can achieve fresh and original syntax with simple sentence structure. Students will

1. Brainstorm together in class and draft a working outline of ideas
2. Prepare a working thesis defining the simple sentence and its many possibilities
3. Using their notes, research the thesis points for information and examples
4. Prepare a formal topic outline
5. Write a formal thesis
6. Draft an essay from the topic outline, skillfully using simple sentences

  • Use these sentence structures
    i. Periodic sentences
    ii. Loose sentences
    iii. Inverted sentences
  • Use every sentence pattern at least once
  • Use every type of phrase at least once
  • Use smooth transitional words within paragraphs
  • Use smooth transitional words between paragraphs
  • Use as many original examples and original diagrams as works for you
  • Edit! Edit! Edit!

7. Type the essay and outline in correct MLA format
8. Throw nothing away. Turn in the entire process in folders on _______________________